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About Us

    Our factory to produce beverage packaging material is set up in 1996.

And in 2011, the most advanced equipment to produce beverage packaging is imported from USA, Germany, and so on.

    The Main Production Line consists of advanced equipment imported from USA, Britain, Germany and Japan. There are 24 processes in the entire production line starting from aluminum sheet to finished cans. All the process is covered by Photoeletric Sensor and PLC programming with function of high speed graphic data comparison and automatic defect elimination. Besides, only 15 workers are requested to operate the whole production line. 

    Our products mainly include aluminum cans(Empty beer cans, aluminum beer cans, beverage cans) with easy-open lids, aluminum bottle, plastic cans with easy-open lids, etc.

    Creative OEM design is deployed in our whole R&D process, for example:

new size and shape, like small cans<100ml, customizd aluminum cosmetic bottles, etc. Healthy and eco-friendly concept is our spirit to make the aluminum cans.

    Over 160 Acres factory with 2 Billions USD of annual turnover, our company is well known in the packaging industry in China. Our famous corporated brands include Red Bull, Nestle, PanPan, Lulu, Yili, Mengniu, Budweiser, Eastroc Beverage, and so on.

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